With every project I do my favorite thing is getting to know you, the client. What is your story? What is your brand background? How do you want to be perceived in the current market? Below is a brief outline of my process as we work with one another in creating the perfect and unique brand, identity and logo. Part Business Building. Part Business Identity. I'll meet you half way.



Design holds no place in the discovery meeting. You hold the information that I need to create an appropriate and effective design. We'll start the process with a simple client survey. From there we outline your marketing plans, profile your clients and target audience, discuss your competitors and nail down your goal.


Using the information from our discovery, we will aggregate adjectives, identify themes, sort similarities to get a full picture of your brand.

We will investigate what your competitors are doing.




We collaborate by starting with the 3 C's: Click, Collect & Compile. Click a pic that inspires you (graffiti wall, local artist installation, cool exterior signage, your morning breakfast). Collect materials, postcards and business cards (yes the paper ones) and share them with me. Compile brands, images, logos, color palettes andpictures on Pinterest and invite me to view them. Half of developing a beautiful brand or design is research. Once we finish with this, it’s on to the fun part!


Using our research, I’ll present you with 3-4 base designs that I think encompass the essence of your brand. Your feedback is important - what you like about one thing, what you dislike about another. I will include mockups to give you a sense of how it would feel in person. This stage is a conversation. Great communication creates great design.



Once your logo is all shiny, sparkly and ready to be shown to the world I will release all files to you and provide you with a complete branding guide. These will be the tools that you will be able to build everything from going forward. Don't forget though if you want to design anything further that we have not discussed in the agreed T&C's (newsletter, business cards, signage, social media banners or profile pics...you get the picture) you'll still need a designer to create these for you. The good thing is, I just may know one.